Dru Georgiadis. Democrat For State Representative 2016


      Dru's Priorities Include...

      Economic Infrastructure

      Dru believes it's imperative that we sustain current infrastructure investment levels while controlling state spending.  Fairfield County depends on a strong economic infrastructure including roads, highways, bridges, rail, broadband internet, job training and education. 


      In Hartford, Dru will hold Governor Malloy accountable for the promises he's made regarding education funding. Our schools are the cornerstone of our vibrant community. Dru is committed to building even stronger schools, securing a brighter future for our children and keeping local property taxes in check.


      Over the past decade, health care costs have increased by 45% while income has only increased by 10%.  As part of a small-business family, Dru has experienced firsthand how healthcare costs have increased, negatively impacting Connecticut families and their take home pay.  In the Legislature, Dru will bring families, government leaders, hospital administrators and insurance executives together to find a solution to crippling increases in costs. 


      Clearly, we're in the midst of an epidemic. Dru supports 21st century standards for insurance coverage and treatment, strengthening Rx drug access and imposing stricter penalties for excessive distribution of opioids.

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